Court Actions

Breach of Oral or Written Contracts
Many collection actions are based upon oral or written contracts.  Contracts are essentially legally enforceable promises.  If someone made a promise and didnít keep it, they may owe you monetary damages.  We can help you enforce your contract and help you recover the money damages you are owed.  

District or Superior Court Actions
If you are owed more than $6,000.00 (not including interest and costs), then you will need an attorney to initiate a lawsuit on your behalf in either District Court or Superior Court.  My office can help you decide the best court to use to pursue your debt.

Small Claims Court
If you are owed less than $6,000.00 (not including interest and costs), then you can pursue the debt in Small Claims Court.  Unfortunately, many people assume that Small Claims Court is very easy.  That can be true, but there are still some complicated issues that may arise.  Even if you are able to get judgment, many people have trouble getting paid.  My office knows how to get judgments and get you paid.

Liens on Real Estate
If the person or business that owes you money owns a building, home or real estate, you may be able to put a lien on the property to help you get paid.  There are a number of requirements to make this happen.  My office can handle everything and place a lien on a debtorís real property.

Liens on Personal Property
If the person or business that owes you money owns personal property such as a vehicle, boat, ATV, snowmobile, airplane, art, or other valuable property, you may be able to place a lien on the property to help you get paid.  My office can place a lien or attach a debtorís personal property for you.

Wage Garnishments
Wage garnishments are a great way to get your debt paid.  Rather than relying upon a debtor to make voluntary payments, payments are automatically deducted from the debtorís paycheck.  Wage garnishments are not available in every situation and can be very difficult to obtain.  My office can evaluate if wage garnishment is available and get help get you paid.

Lawsuits to Recover Property
Not all lawsuits are about getting money.  If someone has your property and refuses to return it, my office can start a legal action to get your property back.

Evictions - Forcible Entry and Detainer
In Maine, to evict tenants or some residents of manufactured housing (mobile homes).  There is a specific process that needs to be followed.  Why waste time and money?  If you contact my office, you will get it right the first time.  I can help you do it yourself, or handle the entire process for you.
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