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                                                         Civil Fraud

My office can help you with civil fraud matters.  Criminal fraud charges need to be brought by the attorney general, a district attorney or other government  official. 

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, it may be difficult to get a government attorney interested in prosecuting the fraud criminally.  Alternatively, the type of fraud commited may not be able to be prosecuted under criminal statutes.

If someone defrauded you, my office can help you get your property returned or monetary compensation through civil fraud recovery.

                                                         Bad Checks

If were given a bad check, you have the right to recover the money you were supposed to be paid.  My office can help you get paid for someone who wrote you one or more bad checks.

                                                 Conversion & Civil Theft

Conversion is essentially the civil version of criminal theft.  If you loan somebody money secured by property, and the person who took out the loan later sells the property and pockets the cash before paying you back, they may have converted your collateral.  Conversion often happens in the context of timber disputes or vehicle loans such as: motorcycles, cars, boats, ATVs, planes, tractors, boats, snowmobiles, etc. Maine law gives you a number of ways to attempt to recover your property and/or get paid adequate compensation for your losses.

                                                      Unjust Enrichment

Just as the name implies, if someone was unjustly enriched at your expense, you have the right to recover your losses.  This may happen if you pay someone to perform a service, and they fail to perform the service and take your money, you have the right to recover your money.  My office can help you.
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